SENDAI ShareHouse and furnished apartment for foreign students


FAQ: What is the ShareHouse?


Q. Is it furnished?

A. Yes. SENDAI ShareHouse offers you fully furnished accomodation.

Q. What kind of furniture does it have?

A. SENDAI ShareHouse has following futniture and electric appliances.
Bed, Desk, Chair, Dinning table, chairs, Air Con, TV, Refregerator, Washing Machine, Cleanner, Rice Cooker, Microwave, etc.

Q. Who is the major tenants?

A. International students, English teachers, Travlers, Japanese Students, and Business people.

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FAQ: What's the difference between Apartment and ShareHouse?


Q. Single month contract.

A. Normaly, apartment rental contract requires two years term.
If your stay is shorter than two years, you can be charged penalty.
ShareHouse contract is for a single month which can be extended. Therefore, you do not have to be worried by the length of your stay.

Q. Is the contract renewable?.

A. Yes. The contract is renewable for the following month. Renewal can be denied, if there are some violation of house rule by the tenant.

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FAQ: What could be the defference between general apartment and Sendai ShareHouse?


Q. What is the contract term length?

A. General apartment rental contract term is for two years.
Many foreign students feel dificulty in this point because they normaly stay for less than one year, in Sendai.
Sendai ShareHouse offers single month contract, which can be extended for another month.

Q. Do I have to have a guarantor?

A. General apartment rental contract requires a guarantor.
Many foreign students feel dificulty in this point as well.
Sendai ShareHouse does not require a guarantor.

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FAQ: Rental Fee


Q. Is Sendai ShareHouse Reasonable?

A. Sendai ShareHouse offers very reasonable rental accomodasion.

Q. What is the Initial cost?

A. Initial cost for general apartment rental is as follows.
1. SHIKIKIN(Equivalent to 2-3 month rent)
2. Key Money(Equivalent to 0-1 month rent)
3. Rent for comming month
4. Realtor's fee

The initial cost for Sendai ShareHouse is quite simple
1. One month rent
2. Registry fee
3. Water, Electric, Gas, charge

Safety deposit: JPY30,000
Room cleanning fee: JPY12,600 could be deductable.

Q. Is Safety Deposit refundable?

A. Safety deposit, JPY30,000 is refundable after moving out.
If there is a damage to a room, or left trash, extra charge could be chargeable.

Q. How about Water, Electric, Gas charge?

A. To make it simple, we chage fix rate.
The charge is depend on the facilities.

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FAQ: What is the House Rule of ShareHouse?


Q. Is a house smoke free?

A. Yes. The whole house is smoke free.

Q. Can a friend live together in one room?

A. Only a person under contract can live in a house.
If you wish to live with your friend, you need to move to the room for twin or condo room. And your friend is needed to make a contract as well.

Q. Can a friend stay over in my room?

A. No. Nobody except tenants can stay over. If your family wants to stay, you need to check with the management. There is a charge of 3000Yen per night + 500yen utility charge per night.

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